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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Messiahs Have Returned...


Maybe you were in the grocery store, one day, in the yogurt aisle, and you got confused.

"So many options! Low fat? Greek??
If only Brooks Laich could bestow his wisdom upon me now, you sighed.

Maybe you were sorting through your trash, deciding whether or not those green plastic bottles were recycled with the clear, or.... in their own container?

If only Matt Bradley were here to guide me now, you wept.

MAYBE, you spotted an amazingly bedazzled shirt with a giant tiger face on it int he window of Forever XXI and you thought: "THAT IS SO SASHA FIERCE"! and you felt a pang.

Maybe, I dunno, you heard the lyrics to Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and you could picture Mike Green making ANOTHER mixed tape with it on it to leave on Brooks's doorstep (again!) ANONYMOUSLY (but we all knew who it was!!).

Maybe you just felt that  the wisdom of your beloved spiritual leaders had been absent for far too long.

Well, fret not, my friends.

This week, they are back. "Better Living Through Bradley" will be BACK ... with more G-Unit, more Bleeders of the Week, more rhinestone courtesy of Sasha Semin.

Your spiritual journey resumes now....